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"In its finished form, A Painting is a thoughtful, impressively executed, alternately goofy and sinister song cycle. Any of its more excessive tendencies are largely tempered by a toasty, soulful Southern California glow. At times, it's uncanny how much Monroe sounds like Joe Walsh - pickled disposition and all - in his '70s-era prime."   

- Magnet Magazine

“Ryan Monroe’s A Painting of a Painting on Fire is an astonishingly diverse yet cohesive of originals that reflect the timelessness of classic 70’s FM radio … drawing natural comparisons to Paul McCartney & Wings, The Guess Who and ELO.
- Glide Magazine

“Ryan Monroe's blend of garage rock, experimental progressive chords, and a knack for ear-burrowing hooks proved his debut LP to be a commanding opening statement.”
- Baeble Music

"[Monroe] plays a hyperactive brand of 1970s rock, full of big, shiny melodies and eager riffs.”
- Pitchfork

'A lot happened between “The White Album” and punk, and on his debut, this Band of Horses multi-instrumentalist gives a 12-track summation. There’s Paul McCartney piano balladry, proggy hard rock and even gleaming ELO pop.' 
- M music Magazine

“Ryan Monroe is best known as the multi-instrumentalist in Band of Horses. On his solo debut, the sideman emerges as a gifted songwriter and when you learn that he played every note from every instrument, it becomes clear that he’s a brilliant musician with vast influences. First song “Doritoys” comes on big and fuzzy like a lost Black Keys track before the chorus throws us back to Ziggy Stardust territory, “Turning Over Leaves” is a smooth pop-rock nugget, the title cut is a full-blown ‘70 rock opera epic, “Blame The Daylight” has a Neil Young country-rock vibe and  “Any Way, Shape Or Deformity” swings like ELO. That all of it fits together and none of it sounds anything like Band of Horses makes this all the more impressive.”
- Relix Magazine